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Brass Tacks Resilience



Some of the world's best known organisations partner with us to:

  • Build Employee Resilience

  • Beat Stress

  • Boost Engagement 

Brass Tacks Resilience Courses and Resilience Training Solutions are informed by the RQi™ Psychometric Test, the most detailed measure of resilience available anywhere in the world. 

Our unique Resilience Training Solutions and experienced team leverage the powerful insights of RQi™ to help boost resilience and wellbeing in your organisation.

If you demand the best for your people and enjoy doing things a little differently, then you will enjoy a conversation with us!

Why Invest in Resilience Training


Research conducted by Deloitte in 2020 indicates that Resilience Training Programs return £5 for every £1 of investment.

This is not surprising when you consider that Stress-Related Illness now accounts for over 50% of work days lost due to sickness*.

Resilience Training is therefore essential to any Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health Strategy.

The good news is that Resilience is a competency that can be developed in anyone, rather than a fixed characteristic that we need to accept.

Investing in resilience is not just the right thing to do; it also makes for good business. 

*UK Health & Safety Executive, 2018



Our Resilience Consultants build tailored training interventions to embed Resilience in your teams and move your Employee Wellbeing initiatives to the next level.

The Resilience Courses & Wellbeing Services that we offer include:

Resilience & Wellbeing Coaching 

121 Resilience Coaching

Resilience Psychometric Profiling

Resilience Training Courses

The Resilient Teams Workshop

The Resilient Leadership Workshop

Team Resilience Profiling

Resilience Webinars (60-90 Mins)

Resilience in Times of Change

Building a Positive Mindset

Work Engagement, Purpose & Fulfilment

Building Resilience, Managing Physiology

Resilience Training & Psychometrics

Brass Tacks Resilience Training Solutions are based on the RQi™ Psychometric Test, which we believe to be the best-tested measure of human resilience available anywhere.

The RQi™ uses established psychometric scales developed by leading psychologists from around the world, augmented by new scales developed by Dr Matthew Critchlow (Thrive and the University of Westminster) and Dr Julian Edwards (Open University).

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