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What is the best online resilience training in the UK? And how can you get it for free?

Online resilience training solutions have seen a huge increase in demand over the course of 2020, a year in which the mental health charity Mind estimates that 60% of adults have experienced mental health challenges at some point.

For employers, the traditional approach to employee wellbeing has been to provide an Employee Assistance Program, perhaps augmented with the training of Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) who can spot the early signs of colleagues suffering mental health or wellbeing difficulties.

Unfortunately, if your workforce has become home-based, it is far more challenging for employers to detect when employees are exhibiting the symptoms of difficulties with their wellbeing or mental health.

Online resilience training therefore offers a far more proactive solution to the present employee wellness crisis, providing employees with resilience skills to better bounce back from stressful situations.

What makes a good online resilience training?

The emergence of Zoom or Teams fatigue in the new normal has taken “death by PowerPoint” to an unwelcome new level, so resilience training providers cannot rely solely on instructor-led webinars that essentially just adapt the traditional classroom training format.

When it comes to resilience training, interactivity and a personalised experience is critical to engaging learners, driving actions and improving wellness outcomes.

In this regard, we would always recommend resilience training delivered using a blended learning approach that offers a combination of learning modalities: self-led, instructor led and individual coaching.

It is for this reason that quality resilience training providers such as Brass Tacks use evidence-based resilience psychometrics such as the Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi) as the basis for their content. This means using resilience measurements, exercises and resources derived from peer-reviewed research with robust outcomes data as opposed to conjecture or unsubstantiated opinion.

Resilience psychometric testing also provides a superb grounding for individual 1:1 resilience coaching, giving participants the opportunity to develop bespoke resilience strategies tailored to their own development needs.

Resilience coaching tailored to the individual using a resilience psychometric test represents the gold standard for employers seeking to support the wellbeing and resilience of their employees in a truly measurable, action-based manner.

Can you get quality online resilience training for free?

Brass Tacks have made six modules of self-led online resilience training available for free, to support the wellbeing of our clients and their teams during the pandemic.

This content contributed to Brass Tacks winning an award at the 2020 Global Excellence Awards, being recognised by the panel from Global Health & Pharma Magazine as the UK’s Leading Provider of Resilience E-Learning.

You can still access this award-winning online resilience training for free at

If you want to see our award-winning resilience training solutions in action, please call us on 0800 292 2300 (UK) or email Contact@BrassTacks.Online for a free consultation.

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