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Resilience training for the real world

1:1 Resilience Coaching



Resilience Boosters 

The Resilient Teams Workshop

The most immersive resilience training available anywhere, delivering unique tools proven to boost resilience and wellbeing 

The Resilient Leadership Workshop

Resilience is a leadership competency: boost it across your organisation with this transformative leadership program

Trying to find the best resilience training
for your organisation?

Our content is only ever delivered by qualified Practitioner Health Psychologists and/or Certified RQi Practitioners, typically with over 15 years of leadership experience in Fortune 500 organisations 


Psychometric profiling and 1:1 coaching achieves a level of personal impact and accountability for actions beyond the reach of a traditional classroom based approach


Trusted partner to some of the world's most high profile organisations, with over 98% of our program participants rating us as being either Good or Outstanding


The core modules of our programs, based on the Six Elements of Resilience, provide practical techniques proven in
peer-reviewed scientific literature to improve personal resilience and wellbeing 

Resilience Psychometric Testing

Resilience testing and expert 1:1 coaching allows our clients to benefit from a truly personalised program of resilience development, delivered in a confidential space that engages individuals to consider their current situation and make informed choices to improve their wellbeing. 

Brass Tacks Resilience Programs leverage insights from the RQi™, a psychometric test of resilience which we believe to be the most robust and evidence-based measure of human resilience available anywhere.

So What

Clients investing in a Brass Tacks Resilience & Wellbeing Program acquire a common organisational language to address resilience, wellbeing and mental health whilst seeing measurable, transformative differences in the emotional support, psychological safety and job satisfaction of their teams

Your Trusted Partner

Partnering with Brass Tacks, you have the reassurance of following in the foot steps of globally recognised brands who have all relied upon our programs to make their teams more capable, resilient and cohesive.

Want to learn why industry leaders use Brass Tacks as their resilience training partner?
Book a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our team via the online calendar link below.

Why Invest in Resilience Training

Research conducted by Deloitte in 2020 indicates that Resilience Training Programs return £5 for every £1 of investment. This is not surprising when you consider that stress-related illness now accounts for over 50%* of work days lost due to sickness.

Resilience Training is therefore an essential proactive component of any Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health Strategy.

Investing in resilience is not just the right thing to do: it makes for good business. 

*UK Health & Safety Executive, 2018

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