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The Resilient Leadership Workshop


Key Features

This Program Is Great For:

Leadership roles can present unique motivational and mental health challenges, affecting the resilience of both the individual leader and the people they lead.  

The Resilient Leadership Workshop is perfect for leaders who want to drive a culture of improved openness, inclusivity and emotional awareness, adopting a preventative approach to managing burnout and poor mental health by building resilience.

  • Half Day or Full Day Workshop

  • Full Day requires participants to have first undertaken Psychometric Profiling and Individual Resilience Coaching

  • Delivered Online or Face to Face

  • In-room Format: up to 20 participants

  • Online Format: up to 10 participants

  • Online interactivity maximised using polls, breakouts and written exercises Delivered by an RQi™ Resilience Coaching Master Practitioner

New, experienced or aspirant people managers seeking to develop resilience as a leadership competency to support in-role performance.

Leaders seeking to develop resilience to the unique pressures of people management roles, as a proactive mental health investment.


Leadership Teams seeking tools to support each other and their direct reports during periods of change or heightened stress.

The Resilient Leadership Workshop is even more impactful when run in tandem with our unique 1:1 psychometric-based resilience coaching program, offering a safe psychological space for individuals to identify the resilience development actions most relevant to their current context and resilience profile. 

Psychometric Profiling &
Individual Resilience Coaching

Key Features

This Program Is Great For:

  • Delivered Online

  • 1 Hour Resilience Coaching Session

  • Psychometric Resilience Profiling using the most comprehensive, evidence-based measure of human resilience available

  • Each participant receives a personalised 26-page report and access to a library of electronic resilience resources

  • Delivered by an RQi™ Master Practitioner

Organisations committed to putting the development of personal resilience at the heart of their Employee Wellbeing Strategy.


Teams and Individuals who want a personalised, action-based approach to becoming more resilient.

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